Information from MMT.

Closed DateSold PriceSubdivsn or CommntyAddressCityBedroomsBathsYear BuiltDays On MarketApx Living Area
2/15/2023$700,000 334 E Buchanan CourtGulf Shores22198571152
1/31/2023$300,000 18974 Boonie LaneGulf Shores22198161841
2/17/2023$635,000 3664 Prestwick CirGulf Shores32200602506
1/5/2023$520,000 27461 Canal RoadOrange Beach32201761856
1/20/2023$2,600,000 26800 Moses RdOrange Beach552021743972
1/13/2023$1,449,000 324 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores661994442624
1/5/2023$1,457,000 5350 Beach BlvdGulf Shores86198952652
1/18/2023$490,000 25773 Canal RoadOrange Beach322005821514
2/3/2023$2,000,000 280 Boykin Court SGulf Shores5520051832594
2/13/2023$440,000 2395 Choctaw RoadGulf Shores32201831080
2/17/2023$470,000 600 Royal Oak CirGulf Shores3219771192532
1/26/2023$460,750 12475 State Highway 180Gulf Shores43200761835
2/17/2023$841,500 1430 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores33200532688
1/17/2023$455,000 24812 Wolf Bay AvenueOrange Beach321992291550
1/6/2023$555,000 213 W 12th AvenueGulf Shores321974672206
2/10/2023$510,000 400 W 23rd AvenueGulf Shores532001682471
1/30/2023$457,738 Aventura3902 Mercury CircleGulf Shores432022582486
1/31/2023$486,568 Aventura474 Apollo CourtGulf Shores432022252785
1/30/2023$453,982 Aventura3939 Stafford BlvdGulf Shores43202202785
1/31/2023$470,638 Aventura3899 Mercury CircleGulf Shores43202202486
1/31/2023$457,738 Aventura486 Apollo AvenueGulf Shores4320221102486
2/10/2023$580,375 Aventura3851 Stafford BlvdGulf Shores43202202806
1/17/2023$463,696 Aventura446 Shepard StreetGulf Shores432022932326
1/4/2023$510,300 Aventura3779 Stafford BlvdGulf Shores54202203095
2/7/2023$414,900 Broken Sound24585 Broken Sound LoopOrange Beach4220222652416
1/30/2023$414,900 Broken Sound24582 Broken Sound LoopOrange Beach5320222992511
1/5/2023$409,900 Broken Sound24545 Broken Sound LoopOrange Beach5320222942442
1/26/2023$414,900 Broken Sound24504 Broken Sound LoopOrange Beach4220222292416
1/12/2023$1,550,000 Caswell Bayou St John5032 Certain CircleOrange Beach64201203536
1/26/2023$515,000 COLONIAL PROPERTIES COMMERCIAL PARK286 Cypress Bend DrGulf Shores3220201052046
2/10/2023$820,000 Cottages at Old Bay4588 Old Bay LnOrange Beach34202001840
1/6/2023$1,400,000 Craft Farms3711 Turnberry DrGulf Shores452001185300
1/27/2023$443,000 Craft Farms733 E St Andrews DrGulf Shores321996961857
1/3/2023$563,000 Craft Farms610 St Andrews DrGulf Shores32202232000
1/13/2023$315,000 Craft Farms649 St Andrews DrGulf Shores3219931441911
2/17/2023$725,000 Craft Farms North650 Gyaws AvenueGulf Shores532018733022
1/31/2023$740,000 Craft Farms North4260 Craigend LpGulf Shores432016373007
2/10/2023$719,500 Craft Farms North4184 Craigend LpGulf Shores43201922486
2/21/2023$610,000 Craft Farms North658 Royal Troon CircleGulf Shores322010582593
1/17/2023$385,000 Craft Farms North4252 Ladybank StGulf Shores322014441821
1/11/2023$325,000 Cypress Park372 W 22nd AvenueGulf Shores321973301276
1/3/2023$1,046,000 East Eleven Cottages521 E 1st AvenueGulf Shores55202202636
2/10/2023$620,000 East Orange Beach27332 Magnolia DriveOrange Beach44202001993
1/3/2023$414,000 Fort Morgan5781 State Highway 180Gulf Shores32202281290
1/6/2023$415,000 Fort Morgan5781 State Highway 180Gulf Shores322022241290
2/14/2023$1,425,000 Grand Key Riverside3802 Grand Key DrOrange Beach552022753232
2/6/2023$665,000 Gulf Beach Fort Morgan8545 State Highway 180Gulf Shores32200371800
1/11/2023$444,000 Gulf Pines1009 E 24th AvenueGulf Shores421978232000
1/16/2023$1,789,000 Gulf Sands2923 W Beach BlvdGulf Shores4419803342445
1/30/2023$525,000 Heritage28888 Canal RoadOrange Beach01201049275
2/17/2023$563,150 Island Wood1904 Hogan DrGulf Shores432017892327
1/17/2023$2,050,000 Laguna Key3266 Dolphin DriveGulf Shores662023314200
2/21/2023$220,000 Lauder Place4214 Lauder LaneOrange Beach3219961251152
2/14/2023$455,000 Lauder Place6222 Yellowfin StOrange Beach322003601504
1/26/2023$849,900 Lost Dunes Cottages115 W 10th StreetGulf Shores4420232581800
2/10/2023$980,000 Martyn Woods5374 Mill House RdGulf Shores43202393100
1/10/2023$2,750,000 Ocean Edge10 Romar Vista PlOrange Beach78202104323
2/3/2023$2,850,000 Ocean Edge11 Romar Vista PlOrange Beach7820211534323
2/9/2023$450,000 Ono Island30745 Ono North Loop WestOrange Beach321996321713
1/26/2023$2,800,000 Ono Island29978 Ono BlvdOrange Beach6519861105707
1/12/2023$1,000,000 Ono Island30585 Ono North Loop WestOrange Beach542019103180
1/27/2023$250,000 Palmetto Woods424 Palmetto CtGulf Shores321987531204
2/10/2023$362,000 Raley Farms7075 Abigail StGulf Shores422021502047
1/31/2023$365,000 Raley Farms290 Preston WayGulf Shores422022131787
2/10/2023$1,060,000 River Run of Perdido Key29299 Perdido Beach BlvdOrange Beach43199402496
1/30/2023$1,650,000 River Run of Perdido Key29299 Perdido Beach BlvdOrange Beach4320041523644
2/21/2023$341,400 Stonehaven7041 Marble CourtGulf Shores32202362033
2/17/2023$357,250 Stonehaven7042 Rodger StGulf Shores43202242117
2/16/2023$362,473 Stonehaven7047 Marble CourtGulf Shores43202242117
2/7/2023$326,000 Stonehaven7024 Rodger StGulf Shores4220222421815
2/7/2023$328,363 Stonehaven7035 Marble CourtGulf Shores4220221481815
2/8/2023$330,863 Stonehaven7036 Rodger StGulf Shores422022121815
2/8/2023$340,400 Stonehaven7030 Rodger StGulf Shores3220221842033
2/14/2023$943,189 Summer Salt24171 Pepper LnOrange Beach44202282441
1/25/2023$702,518 Summer Salt24234 Pepper LnOrange Beach342022181507
1/10/2023$629,900 Sunset Villas4696 Casablanca DrOrange Beach322022611650
2/17/2023$1,150,000 Surfside Shores6534 Sea Shell DrGulf Shores43199591772
1/27/2023$619,000 Tannin Cottages14 West GateOrange Beach2220211021230
2/10/2023$140,000 Terry Cove Motor Coach4650 Griffith Marina RoadOrange Beach0120041400
1/26/2023$748,000 Terry Cove North26117 Terry Cove DriveOrange Beach432022863100
1/18/2023$1,608,105 The Bluffs - Orange Beach3004 Dover StreetOrange Beach4420202322956
2/3/2023$3,800,000 The Bluffs - Orange Beach25768 #1 Perdido Beach BlvdOrange Beach662022634302
2/17/2023$2,500,000 The Bluffs - Orange Beach25770 Blufton AveOrange Beach5520205503634
1/27/2023$495,784 The Colony at Fort Morgan1521 Sabal CvGulf Shores322023281741
1/30/2023$654,900 The Grove21129 Live Oak CircleGulf Shores532022773190
1/20/2023$1,725,000 The Osprey3172 Egret RunOrange Beach542022512555
1/3/2023$650,000 The Peninsula121 Lagoon DrGulf Shores322004332537
1/12/2023$1,200,000 The Peninsula20 Preserve CourtGulf Shores442005274624
1/27/2023$655,000 The Peninsula549 Retreat LaneGulf Shores332017512547
2/17/2023$328,610 The Village at Craft Farms4248 Montague DrGulf Shores32202201566
1/19/2023$555,000 Waterside Resort1247 Mako LoopGulf Shores3220191561963
1/23/2023$584,000 Waterside Resort1245 Mako LoopGulf Shores432020852156
2/16/2023$545,000 Waterside Resort1294 Mako LoopGulf Shores43202092257
1/3/2023$550,000 Waterside Resort1285 Mako LoopGulf Shores432018992219
1/5/2023$615,000 Wedgewood Estates429 Wedgewood DriveGulf Shores431993253232
2/15/2023$749,900 West Lagoon Cottages951 W Lagoon AvenueGulf Shores34202211640
2/21/2023$749,900 West Lagoon Cottages951 W Lagoon AvenueGulf Shores34202201640